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Ollie's Shop was first started in 2010 by Ollie Forsyth, who is now 18 years old. Having struggled with dyslexia, he discovered his entrepreneurial flair by selling friendship bracelets to his friends. This idea caught on and soon he was selling them to all his friends' parents and their friends as well! Ollie's Shop has gone from strength to strength and Ollie is now proud to launch his new 2016 collection. He has teamed up with a few carefully chosen charities who he is hoping to support through his sales. Ollie is currently studying at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy in Rugby and has recently started an on-line magazine, The Budding Entrepreneur Magazine. Have a look at his inspiring website, www.tbemagazine.com.

  • Original Presents for every member of the family
  • Easy and inexpensive to post
  • £5 to £35 price range
  • Fun & original ideas we are all looking for